Disabled American Veterans

Conceived as a way to extend thank-yous to veterans beyond the typical "thank you for your service", the DAV Thank A Vet app guides users through a series of questions and uploading photos to thank a veteran in their life with a customized video. During a three week period around Veterans' Day, the app had over 2,000 videos created, which collectively had over 25,000 shares.

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Create a cloud-based platform for internal communications and training.


◦ Needed to support multiple devices and browsers
◦ Low cost, and fast and easy to iterate
◦ Translation for 20+ languages (including right-to-left languages)
◦ Accommodate brand standards for a wide variety of companies
◦ Usable as a product for in-house module creation
◦ Usable by clients for a SaaS (Software as a Service) model
◦ Global access — many end users in Third World locations (slow speeds)
◦ Continual updates to client content
◦ Be memorable and increase employee retention

My Roles

◦ Elicit product and feature requirements from stakeholders
◦ Write user stories in an Agile environment
◦ UX and UI lead in Agile and Lean environments
◦ Create and socialize wireframes and mockups
◦ Create new product features for bi-monthly development sprints and releases
◦ Hands-on Art Direction, as well as Art Direction support for clients
◦ Client technical support and troubleshooting
◦ Ongoing design and functionality QA
◦ Collaborate with software engineers on features, enhancements and bugs

What Is Chameleon

Chameleon allows companies to reach and train their employees anywhere. Coca-Cola uses it to train corporate-level employees who travel annually around the world visiting bottling and distribution facilities. Coach applies it to new employees at orientation, to introduce them to the brand and then through their career to (for example) a master level leather craftsperson. Chameleon uses a responsive (desktop/tablet) and adaptive (mobile) framework with customizable pages and interactions to engage and assess the employee's knowledge. Clients can update text, media, pages with a cloud-based course editor. It's hosted on Amazon's S3 server, so global access is seamless.

Coach: SoHo 101
Essilor: Anti-Reflective Treatments
Marvel Comics: Test Course

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