Restructure and redesign the US Department of Health and Human Resources organ donor website and its 1,500+ pages.

My Role

Responsible for wireframing and designing 508c Web Compliant experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile.
View the initial wireframes and design.

Site Architecture

The new site uses storytelling interwoven with facts and editorial content for maximum impact.

User Flow

Every page has tailored onward journeys for key conversion actions like "sign up to be a donor" or to become involved at a volunteer or advocate level.


Extremely easy for any user to become a donor from any point on the site, despite different state registries and state-specific donation laws.

organdonor.gov live site

Priority Auto


To design an interactive inventory solution for a new car dealership,
and provide similar accessability for existing stores.

My Role

Initial assessment of needs, competitive analysis (both online and onsite,) budget estimates, user type analysis, create information structure and wireframes, simplify wording, oversee front end development and back end development, instruct client training and manage post delivery modifications.

Adaptive Solutions

Sought to strike a balance between inventory search, display of inventory
and marketing message, based on the user location and device.

In Store Kiosks + Tablets

◦ For onsite customer and staff use
◦ Inventory focused
◦ Vehicle locator
◦ Minimal marketing
◦ Printable information


◦ Streamlined inventory search
◦ Emphasis on discoverability
◦ Multiple pathways to inventory
◦ Multiple promotional modules
◦ Client portal


◦ Search focused
◦ Highlighted inventory images
◦ Prominent contact options
◦ Mulitple engagement options
◦ Limited promotions


Pronounced sky-way, Sciway is a project initially started by The Citadel in 1996.
It catalogs history, wildlife, people and places related to South Carolina.

My Role

Working with a small team, I photographed content, wrote articles and blog posts using SEO best practices, field reported/journaled South Carolina towns, helped maintain
its 3,500+ non-CMS pages, organized new content for findability and discoverability,
as well as initiated a social media strategy increasing social interaction by 1400%. SCIWAY has 7 million unique visitors annually and has 50,000+ outbound links.

Sciway live site

W.M. Jordan


Restructure and redesign a website for a commercial, industrial and government construction company.

Before Redesign

◦ unclear and redundant navigation and labeling
◦ outdated typography and cmyk-based color scheme
◦ left–aligned site
◦ dense, redundant content and typesetting
◦ cramped margins and padding
◦ text-heavy work gallery
◦ inconsistent, low–quality imagery

My Roles
Site Architecture

Reorganize the site content considering user types: potential new customers, existing customers, internal use (SharePoint portal) as well as subcontractor bidding info.

Content Reevaluation

Mentor a copy editor on SEO best practices, interlinking and writing metadata. Oversee the rewriting and editing
of the existing content, from verbose to concise.

User Experience

Researching WM Jordan's customer and contractor journeys and wireframing pages to have them reach
their goals.


A rough design was approved before I was hired.
I simplified and modified the design after
content was decided.

Photography Standard

Stressed to the client the importance of consistent,
high–quality photography and sticking to a competent stable of photographers and retouchers.

Presentation and Development

Presented to the client: CEO, Marketing Director
and IT Director and consulted client development team.

WM Jordan live site