Kaiser Permanente

A responsive microsite promoting Kaiser Permanente's care and coverage
in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their unique approach ties insurance and health care
into one product creating cost, convenience and better care benefits.
View the initial wireframes.

Kaiser Permanente live site

The following is a game promoting KP's unique combination of providing both care
and coverage. The tagline "Better Together" informed the game's theme of "Kaiser Permanente and Baltimore: Better Together".

The object of the game is to match iconic (and usually quirky) Baltimore pairs that are "better together". A touch screen version of the game debuted at a Baltimore art festival and had over 1,500 players opening weekend.

See a pre-development walkthru.

Cars That Rock

Promotional page and matching TV spot for a Quest UK show
featuring AC/DC's Brian Johnson and his impressive car collection.


A microsite for a wireless instant messenger. It was my first foray into digital.
I had an open budget, a great developer and all summer to kill. Features product demo, a user-created text messaging dictionary, a shopping cart to customize your Zipit, user-submitted videos and games like 99 Conversations.
Read about the campaign in Adweek

Zipit archived site


Part of a branding campaign for a South Carolina provider of wireless, internet and digital cable service. Campaign objective was to rally support for Hargray as a local provider, during fear of a takeover. The strategy positions Hargray as being a local business, but with global quality service.


Fitch is a provider of financial ratings that gives investors a detailed look at particular investment sectors.


Facebook covers I designed and written as part
of Marriott's rebrand to become more tech savvy
and cater to busy thirty-somethings.


Part of a campaign to position Intel as a leader in "Big Data".